Gleason Works (India)

Gleason Works (India) Private Limited incorporated on 15th December 1995 with Head Office at Bangalore, Branch in Mumbai

Operation started with 18 employees on 1st April 1996

Formal Inauguration on 6th November 1996 by Mr. James S. Gleason, Chairman & President of Gleason Corporation, USA

Manufacturing of Spiral Bevel Roughing Blades – November 1996

Manufacturing G104E Coniflex Blades

Manufacturing of Spiral Bevel Finishing Blades

Machine Re-manufacturing of Bevel and Cylindrical Machines

Control up-gradation of Bevel & Cylindrical Machines

Manufacturing of Spiral Bevel Blade Blanks locally

Manufacturing of G104E Coniflex Blade Blanks locally

Opened Delhi Office

Hob Sharpening Services in Chennai Centre

Manufacturing G114E and 2E Coniflex Blades

Opened Chennai Office

Genesis 210H Machine manufacture

Bevel Stick Blades Sharpening Services

Supply of Workholding Equipment from Gleason - India

We have over 70 employees technically qualified covering Sales & Service personnel located at Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Pune and Kolkata.

Mumbai Office re-located to Pune