Spline Gauges and Spline Arbors

Gleason is a leading supplier of spline, tapered spline master gears, and variable spline gages. We offer design engineering services for all, with options for calibrations, coatings and setting masters. Submit your requirements today and receive quick turnaround on your quotation – usually 5-7 business days.


Diameter, min. 5 mm
Diameter, max. 500 mm
Number of teeth, max. 550


Gleason Provides Different Types of Gauges and Arbors

Involute, serrated, straight (parallel-sided), tapered, spur, helical, and more.


Go and no-go rings and plugs, tapered master plugs, variable spline indicator rings and plugs, setting masters, expanding collet spline arbors, rotalock spline arbors.

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