High Quality Master Gears

Gleason Master Gears are used in double and single flank gear roll inspection systems, honing machines and gear measuring systems as test gears. We provide different types of master gears, such as cylindrical gears and pinions, for most machines and applications.

High Quality - Master Gears DIN 3970

We provide different master gear sizes according to DIN 3970. We produce master gears in quality B which relates to quality 3 regarding Fha and Fhß. Master gears not requiring DIN3970 are produced in quality 3 according to DIN 3962. Special calibration services are available at our Gleason Metrology Systems plant in Dayton, OH, USA. 

Master Gear Inspection Protocol

Master gears are delivered with an inspection protocol which documents measurements of the main characteristic values and defines measurement positions to meet the highest quality standards.

Master Gear Design 

In general, we design our master gears according the DIN 3970. On request we provide special designs according to your specifications. Gleason Master Gears are designed to check the whole active tooth length of the workpiece. Additionally, we add a tip chamfer to protect the gear flanks.

Reconditioning of Master Gears

We offer regrinding services to extend the life span of master gears and to restore master gear quality to as-new levels. Timely regrinding will exploit the full economic potential of your master gear. Gleason employs dedicated in-house machinery for this service.

For All Types of Gear Inspection

Gleason designs and manufactures all types of master gears for many different applications such as testing, measuring and calibration requirements.

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