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Custom molded gear solutions leverage KISSsoft® Gear Design Software that delivers the smoothest and quietest gear mesh possible.

Designs for Specific Applications

Custom gear tooth forms are tailored to specific applications including high temperature, high torque, low noise, and minimal backlash.

KISSsoft Design Software

Material Selection

Gear design services include material selection and moldability recommendations.

Metal to Plastic Gear Design Transformation

Many applications can be rendered more efficient and simple by switching from metal to plastic gears. We help you with the transformation.

High Quality Gears

State-of-the-art gear inspection capabilities ensure the highest gear quality levels possible.

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Molding Solutions

Gleason Plastic Gears provides single and multi-cavity mold solutions including our proprietary no weld-line technology for stronger and more durable gears.

Stronger and More Durable Gears

Gleason Plastic Gears proprietary no weld-line technology results in stronger and more durable gears, for applications that demand the best that plastic gears can offer. 

Single Gears or Complete Gearbox Assemblies

We provide a single plastic gear or a complete gearbox assembly - as prototype suggestion or in serial production.

Solutions for Demanding Applications

Gleason Plastic Gears Solutions can be found in many different industries and applications including gears for e-drives and automotive actuators, gears for power tools, drones, robots and electronics, as well as geared medical applications. 

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