Gear Calculator

This free mobile app bundles simple calculation tools to make gear manufacturer’s daily tasks more efficient and productive. The Gear Calculator toolbox includes calculations for gear inspection values like Addendum Modifications, Base Tangent Lengths and Measurement Over Balls. It provides a hardness converter for tensile strength, Rockwell, Brinell or Vickers; calculates rotational speeds, deviations within gear quality standards, feed rates and chip thickness when gear hobbing; and even a twist calculator to determine the natural twist for Threaded Wheel Grinding.


Installing the App on Your Mobile Device

For Android, open the App in your browser and select 'Add to Start Screen'.

For iOS open the App in your browser, select 'Add to home screen' in the share menu.

A new icon called Gear Calculator will be created on your home screen or App Drawer.

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Gleason [e] Catalog

The Gleason [e] Catalog provides location- and time independent access to all data and documents relevant for spare part identification, maintenance, inquiry and ordering of parts for all Gleason machines.

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