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As a market leader in shaving technology, Gleason has extensive experience in the production and use of shaving cutters for every conceivable variant in gear production. This competence ensures you get ideal support and results – from consulting and design, on to selection of the material and manufacture of the shaving cutter, all the way to services to aid in production.

Shaving Cutter Range


Module, max.
 18/10* mm 
Diameter, max.
 350/250* mm 
High-alloy HSS, Powder Metal (PM), Micro Carbide
 * Internal Shaving Cutter  


Opti-Edge for Cutting Edge Results

Opti-Edge® – a special production process for gashes – facilitates longer tool life and extends cutting edge life assuming all other machining parameters are identical. Depending on boundary conditions, the additional benefit can range between a 40-100% increase in tool life longevity and in some cases, even longer.

Shaving Cutter Manufacturing Technology Made by Gleason

Our shaving cutters are made with proprietary technology, machines uniquely built to make high precision tools with maximum tool-life.

Application Technology

With decades of experience in shaving cutter manufacturing, process and machine design, Gleason is the perfect partner for all demands around shaving. With our extensive knowledge, we support you on-site with production support and process optimization, as well as in-house with prototype production, small batch series or trial of tools.

Quality to Last a Lifetime

In addition to the new cutters, Gleason offers its customers a competent, high quality sharpening service to refurbish any type of shaving cutter, including the appropriate documentation.

Shaving Cutter Technology Made by Gleason

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