GRSL - Laser Inspection with Double Flank Rolling

GRSL (Gear Rolling System with Integrated Laser Technology) combines dual flank rolling inspection with advanced non-contact laser technology in a single system. Cycle times for optical pitch and profile inspection are reduced to a few seconds, enabling up to 100% analytical inspection of applications with very high demands.


Workpiece diameter, max. 250 mm 
Module, max. 7.2 mm

Exceptionally Fast and Powerful Non-Contact Inspection

The GRSL provides optical pitch, lead and profile inspection for all teeth on a workpiece, as well as dual flank rolling testing including inspection for tooth flank damage, total dual flank working deviation and dual flank working error, functional runout, DOB measurement, average tooth thickness and more.

Flexibility for a Wide Range of External Cylindrical Gears

Available in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic configurations.

State of the Art Throughput Capability

Performs the dual flank rolling test as well as pitch and profile measurement in the same test cycle.

Automated Gear Inspection with Closed Loop Correction Capabilities

The GRSL system shows data real time to display developing trends in the manufacturing process. Results can be sent back to a variety of Gleason machines for in-process, Closed Loop machine tool corrections. Options for integrated processes like washing, marking and hardness testing are available.

Be Fully Compatible

GAMATM 3.2 Applications and Control Software is fully compatible with Windows and connects easily to customers' servers. GAMA includes SPC data acquisition software and Gleason Connect® Global Support Services.

Learn more about GAMA

GRSL Quality Center

GRSL stand-alone analytical gear metrology system for the inspection of profile, lead and pitch, served by an integrated cobot loader with basket loading or per customer specification.

HFC Quality Inspection in Cell Configuration

GRSL quality inspection in a complete manufacturing cell, featuring hard finishing, washing and marking stations, served by an industrial robot, connected to customer’s manufacturing system.

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