Get Your Gears and Splines Calibrated

The only gear and spline calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA for gear and spline index, helix, profile, tooth thickness, and dimension over pins.

On-Site Calibration of Gleason Analytical Gear Inspection Systems

Gleason Metrology Systems offers A2LA-accredited on-site calibration services. We remain the only source for on-site calibration of lead and profile testing that is accredited by A2LA in the USA.

Calibration of Master Gears, Spline Gages and Artifacts

Also A2LA-accredited, GMS calibrates master gears, fellows lead or involute masters, helix and involute master artifacts, pitch artifacts, master gears for external or internal involute gears, plug- and ring-type gages as well as tapered master plugs. 

Support for ISO 9000 Certifications

GMS supports your ISO 9000 certification with the required ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited calibration services. 

Further Information

Accredited Calibrations Traceable to NIST

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) disseminates the primary physical measurement standards for the U.S.

Contract Inspection and Reverse Engineering Services

In case of urgent inspection needs or missing equipment, the GMS Inspection Lab covers all inspection needs including reverse engineering of specific workpieces to be manufactured. We can help.

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