e-Drive - We Make it Simple

e-transformation in mobility and transport industries creates new challenges and opportunities for manufacturers of highly efficient drives and transmissions. We ensure that design, manufacturing and inspection elements work together in a seamless way.

e-Drive Starts with Gleason

In-Process Gear Inspection

World’s first HFC Hard Finishing Cell with in-process gear inspection and Closed Loop corrections feedback.

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Direct transmission of measured data to the production machine. It is part of the standard repertoire of Gleason Gear Metrology Systems.

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Gleason Connect+

Gleason Connect®+ provides extended remote communication possibilities by employing Smart Glasses or mobile devices with a visual live connection between customers and Gleason Global Services.

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Gleason Fingerprint

Fingerprint® automatically compares the machine's current status for fast and detailed diagnostics, resulting in pro-active service actions.

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Machine-Tool Communication

Gleason solutions for machine-tool communication guarantee the direct exchange of production and tool data between different production media, including a paper-free production flow, error prevention in daily production and advanced analysis capabilities.

KISSsoft - Back to The Future 

From design to the finished product - and back. With the integration of KISSsoft® design capabilities into Gleason’s engineering and manufacturing system, customers can rely on a smart process chain from the initial idea to the finished product - returning with design changes if desired.

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Welcome to GEMS 

GEMS® features gear design and engineering tools in one easy-to-use system. Its open architecture lends itself to real-time app expansions and welcomes third-party additions.

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Common Standards for Optimum Processing

Gleason supports the development of a common, inter-company, inter-process standard which enables production assets to communicate directly, building a base for advanced diagnostics and efficiency optimization, and ultimately, the Smart Factory.

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Process Simulation – The Fast Road to Success

Our unique Power Skiving Technology Software generates process variables to create workpiece geometries and surfaces according to customers’ specifications – the predictability of the process before creating the actual chip brings reliable results fast and avoids major scrap cost.