Modular Modernization Package 

Choose from special tailored modules the program for your machine that delivers the greatest benefit. To specify the precise scope of the modernization required, we perform an initial evaluation. If you decide to modernize, we will naturally credit you with the costs of this examination.

Mechanical Reconditioning of Core Components

Components are dismantled in our service workshop, analyzed and completely rebuilt using new wear parts. Depending on their condition, many overhauls of components may be performed on your premises. All rework is subject to the same high quality standards as those for new components.

Complete Machine Remanufacture

Complete remanufacture addresses all machine functions. The machine is returned to Gleason, where it is completely disassembled and rebuilt. A machine remanufacture is similar to buying a new machine but without the need to purchase new peripherals or to rethink existing process chains.

Flexible Retrofit with Gleason’s “FlexFit”

Flexfit is the modular retrofit solution for condition-based overhaul and modernization of large machines. Worn parts and assemblies are replaced by pre-installed tested parts or new complete kits, directly on-site. FlexFit includes options for new hardware and software packages to increase machine productivity and performance.

DSA Grinding Worm Dressing Device

Reduce machine downtimes cost-effectively by remanufacturing a complete DSA module or replace it with a new one. Alternatively, we can repair your old Faessler DSA (partly or completely). During the remanufacturing period, we can offer rental units.

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