200SVP Gear Plunge Shaving Machine - The Benchmark in Economic Shaving

The 200SVP Gear Plunge Shaving Machine focuses on medium and high-volume gear production with minimal investment. It is backed by decades of Gleason’s shaving expertise and process technology.


Workpiece diameter, max
200 mm
Module plunge shaving, max.
3.5 mm
Workpiece length, max.
400 mm


Proven Shaving Head and Tailstock Design

The core components of the 200SVP are proven assemblies that work reliably and trouble-free. Especially in less developed production areas, high productivity can be maintained in combination with a simple operating concept.

Manual or Automated

For the production of large quantities, the 200SVP can be automated with a gantry loader. For smaller batch sizes and flexible production, manual loading by gravity rail is available. In direct connection to a Genesis® hobbing machine, the hobbing-shaving cell becomes a productivity superstar.

Compact and Simple

Very compact with a footprint of less than 6 m2 the 200SVP does not take much space and is easily transferred if need arises.

Make a Change - Fast and Easy

Convenient access to the workarea and various clamping solutions, like plug-type arbors or expanding clamping fixtures, guarantee fast changeover and simple retooling of the machine.

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