Titan® 1200H Gear Hobbing Machine

The Gleason Titan® 1200H Hobbing Machine sets new standards for gear hobbing with respect to productivity, ease of operation and overall performance.

Special features:

√ Machine design for optimum chip disposal during dry and wet cutting, and ergonomically optimized accessibility.

√ Composite steel machine bed provides maximum damping characteristics, which in conjunction with the new patent-pending guiding principle, presents a quantum leap forward in overall system stiffness.

√ New operator interface and software is based on a Siemens 840D SolutionLine control system for maximum ease of use.

√ Energy efficiency advantages, thanks to the latest drive and motor technology and software capabilities to closely monitor and manage power consumption.

√ Capable of the productivity, flexibility and consistent quality that have made Gleason the leader in this market. Gleason Titan® 1200H – the new benchmark.

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Caractéristiques techniques

Diamètre nominal de la pièce usinée
1200 mm
Nominal module Hobbing/Milling*
20/30 mm
*Larger module is optional
Déplacement axial maximal
1600 mm

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