Fly Cutter Chamfering

Fly cutter chamfering is accomplished by a simple fly cutter which cuts chamfers by continuous cutting process. Chamfer forms are created by the machine axes’ movements and are not inherent to the tool design.

Universal and Flexible

Universal and very flexible tool, one tool covers various chamfer shapes and widths. Depending on the application, different tool sizes can be used for different chamfers, or chamfer shapes.

Suitable for Larger Modules

Fly cutter chamfering is suitable for a wide range of module sizes, from approx. module 2.0 mm.

Low Chamfer Tool Cost

By using standard carbide inserts from various suppliers no reconditioning is necessary.

Once Source System

Fly cutter chamfering is available on the following Gleason machines:

Genesis 280CD Genesis 280HCD Genesis 400HCD

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