Chamfer Rolling and Deburring

Gleason chamfer rolling tools (rotary deburring) provide consistent, high quality chamfers while reducing burrs to a minimum.

Must Have

Chamfering and deburring are necessary to prevent carburized sharp edges which could break easily during use, damage whole gearboxes, cause injuries if handled manually, create clamping issues or result in tool life issues in subsequent hard finishing processes. 

Flexible Chamfer Sizes Possible

Adjust chamfer sizes for modified helix angle. 

Individual Adjustments

Individual adjustments for left and right hand flanks.

Secondary Deburring

Removal of face side secondary burrs by using a deburring or filing disc.

Dry and Wet Application

Gleason tools can be used for both dry and wet processes - your choice!

Available for Non-Gleason Machines

Chamfer rolling tools from Gleason are compatible with machines by other manufacturers.

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