500CB - Automated Cutter Build, Truing and Inspection of Stick Blade Cutter Systems

The 500CB delivers faster, more accurate, and highly automated build, truing and inspection of stick blade type bevel gear cutters.


Face milling cutter capacity (diameter), max. 21"
Face hobbing cutter capacity (radius), max. 210 mm


For All Stick Blade Cutter Systems

Automated cutter build, truing and inspection of Gleason and Non-Gleason stick blade type cutter systems.

Minimize Operator Involvement

Automated blade positioning and clamp screw torqueing to minimize operator involvement.

Greater Process Control

Absolute measurement and display of blade positioning.

Simple, Intuitive Operation

Simple, intuitive operation with adaptive process learns from previous builds.

Consistently High Quality

Consistently high cutter quality for improved tool life due to less operator influence. 

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