Geared Parts for Electric Bicycles

Gleason’s 100PS and 100H gear cutting machines feature hobbing, Power Skiving, and additional processes to finish your high precision e-bicycle parts, including gears, geared shafts and clutches.

Power Skiving for Workpieces with Interfering Contours

Power Skiving is perfectly suited for the economical production of EV gears with interfering contours and internal gears, as well as shaft-type parts. Power Skiving machines are available in different executions, including optional hobbing, extended workpiece ranges, or even integrating tool resharpening.

High Speed Hobbing with Integrated Chamfering/Deburring

Gleason features a complete line of hobbing machines for high speed cutting of EV gears and geared shafts with carbide and HSS tools, dry or wet, with integrated chamfering processes: chamfer rolling, chamfer cutting, as well as brand-new radial chamfering.

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