100PS - The Solution for Shafts and Small Internal/External Gears

Specifically designed for the economical production of gears with interfering contours and internal gears up to module 2.5 mm, its horizontal axis makes this machine also highly suitable for shaft-type parts. The 100PS can be equipped with an universal option to add hobbing to the machine's capabilites, or a performance option to extend the workpiece range to internal diameters up to 240 mm. 


External gears workpiece diameter, max.
100 mm
Internal gears swing diameter, max.
180/240* mm
Internal gears tip diameter, max. 150/200* mm
Module, max. 2.5 mm
* 100PS Performance Option


Perfect for Demanding Applications

The 100PS is fit for a large variety of workpieces and applications such as electric vehicle gears, aerospace parts and actuator gears of any type – just to name a few.

Tailored to the Task

The large variety of optional equipment makes this machine an ideal solution for flexible job shopping or mass production environments.

Soft and Hard Power Skiving on One Machine

The 100PS is a master in 2 distinct worlds. While highly efficient in soft machining, it also excels in hard finishing with higher quality requirements.

Make it a Hobbing Machine

With the "universal option", the 100PS can be turned into a hobbing machine in less than 2 minutes, applying the most suitable and economical process to different applications.

Cut Internal Ring Gears up to 240 mm

With the "performance option" you can extend your machine's capability to cut internal gears with a swing diameter of up to 240 mm.

Take Advantage of the Full Potential

The 100PS can be operated both manually or automatically. With different automation options available, the 100PS can be easily integrated into existing production lines.

Integrated Gear Chamfering

Optionally, you can add gear chamfering to the machine's functionality. Located on an additional CNC slide, chamfer rolling is executed consecutively after gear cutting.

Concept Tailored Precisely to Your Needs

Right from the idea to the complete production solution.

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