Genesis 160HCD - Hobbing Machine with Integrated Chamfer Hobbing. Fast, Precise and Efficient

Parallel to the gear hobbing process, workpieces are chamfered by chamfer hobbing, a cutting chamfer technology. The machine is arranged with an integrated chamfer station which is directly linked to the main process by a fast gantry automation, allows minimum cycle times without any productivity loss.


Workpiece diameter, max. 160 mm 
Module, max. 4 mm
Axial slide travel, max. 350 mm


High-Speed Hobbing - Dry or Wet

The Genesis® 160HCD is designed for dry high-speed hobbing but can be easily adapted to wet cutting as well.

Uniform & Precise Chamfers

The Gleason chamfer-hobbing process creates precise and uniform chamfers while avoiding burrs on the face side and the gear flanks. 

Highly Efficient Process

The chamfer hobbing process runs in parallel to the hobbing process, guaranteeing minimum cycle times without any productivity loss. 

Learn More About Chamfer Hobbing

Chamfer Hobbing Tool Technology

Chamfer hobs feature long tool life and simple reconditioning similar to standard hobs.

Automation Included 

The 160HCD is equipped with a fast CNC gantry loader with V gripper for minimum idle times. Other automation solutions on request.

Next Generation

The next generation Gleason operating software has been developed for intuitive and efficient operation. It´s open architecture is prepared to integrate latest 4.0 functions.

Solutions for Different Chamfering Requirements

Chamfer hobbing delivers great flexibility including comma or parallel chamfer forms, chamfers along the tooth edge only, or including the root area as well.

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