P Series - Flexible All-Purpose Machines for Every Application

Large Gleason Hobbing Machines offer maximum productivity for roughing and finishing operations on cylindrical gears for many industries. Starting with the P800, the modular construction kit extends all the way up to the P10000 with 10 m in diameter.


Workpiece diameter, max.  10,000 mm
Module, max. 45 mm
Module profile milling, max. 60 mm
Axial slide travel, max.      2,200 mm 

Optional Internal and External Hob Heads for Different Applications

Axial Travel Extension for Longer Shafts or Double Helical Gears

Great Variety of Options to Customize Your Machine to the Application

Ring Loader Options for P800-P1200 to Automate Large Gear Manufacture

Up to 10,000 mm in Diameter

The right solution for every market: Wind turbine transmissions and actuators, industrial gears, mining equipment, marine drives and many more.

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