AM250 - The Robust and Economic Alternative for Job Shops

The AM250 Gear Shaping Machine is your first choice when it comes to shaping of typical cylindrical spur and helical, external and internal gears, using the generating or single indexing method. 


Workpiece diameter, max.  300 mm
Module, max. 8 mm
Stroke length, max. 
110 mm 

Attractive Price/Performance Ratio

The AM250 delivers high workpiece precision and exceptional productivity - all at an attractive price.

Hydrostatic Spindle Guide

The AM250 is equipped with a hydrostatic spindle guide, backlash-free direct drive, low-wear linear guides and high-precision ball screws. 

Tilting Worktable and Stroke Length Options

Automatic worktable inclination and stroke length extension are available as options.

Fast Changeover

Quick-change HSK B63 or HSK B80 clamping adapters help to ensure fast changeovers and high repeatability job-to-job.

Simple Operation

The AM250 is equipped with the latest Siemens control and an easy-to-use dialog program for various cutting tasks.

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