475GMSP - Gear Inspection Right on The Production Floor

Inspect your parts right on the production floor - with results comparable to the lab. The 475GMSP Gear Metrology System for Production Environments saves time for part transport and queues in front of the inspection room and delivers a full range of inspection capabilities including measurement of surface roughness, fine pitch and CMM options. 


Helix angle
0 to 90°
Module  0.4* to 18 mm
Workpiece length, max.** 650 mm
Workpiece diameter, max. 475 mm
* 0.2 optional  
** extended z-axis optionally available  


Compensate External Dynamics

The 475GMSP features a host of integrated systems that compensate for typical production floor thermal and vibratory dynamics as well as contamination.

Lab-Level Inspection

Production floor inspection results comparable to the lab - without the wasted time of part transport and queues. 

Become Versatile with APC

The GMS Series is equipped with high accuracy SP80H 3D scanning probes with a broad range of styli, including a stylus calibration library. Optionally, get the Automatic Probe Changer (APC) with 4 stations of APC positions.

Measure Surfaces

GMS offers a wide range of surface roughness measurements, meeting the most common roughness parameters as defined in DIN, ISO, ANSI and more.

Get CMM Capabilities

Enjoy 3D measurement and analysis capabilities typically performed by a CMM, ideally suited for rotary symmetrical parts.

Inspect Gear Tools

GMS systems handle inspection of many gear cutting tools including hobs, shaper and Power Skiving cutters, stick blades and shaving cutters. Depending on size, even most broaches and rack cutting tools are accommodated.

Benefit from Trendsetting Operation

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) meets factory space allotment and operator preferences. With the Advanced Operator Interface (AOI) record video, telephone and voice messages, monitor environmental conditions and read bar and QR code information directly into the machine.

Be Compatible

GAMATM 3.1 or 3.2 Applications and Control Software is fully compatible with Windows and connects easily to customers' servers. GAMA includes SPC data acquisition software and Gleason Connect® Global Support Services.

Learn more about GAMA

Quantum Leap in Gear Noise Evaluation 

KTEPS Kinematic Transmission Error Prediction Software offers a revolutionary method of showing tooth flank surface deviations in relation to their orders, for simple and fast gear noise evaluation.

Learn more about KTEPS

Design, Manufacture, Measure in a Smart Loop

Directly feed back inspection results to KISSsoft design software for fast and efficient design adjustments in the prototyping phase. Easily network selected Gleason manufacturing machines with GMS Metrology Systems to achieve continuous high quality and productivity.

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