260HMX - The Versatile Double Spindle Honing Solution for Gears and Shafts

The 260HMX features a double spindle design, an additional B-axis, an integrated tailstock and a generous workspace. It is suited for all gear honing requirements, whether it is shafts, larger and heavy workpieces, or small and complex applications.


Diameter, max.  270 mm
Module, max. 6 mm
Length, max. 650 mm 


High Flexibility

Gear flank modifications can be adjusted even during the manufacturing process via the integrated B-axis.

Combi Honing

Combi Honing allows the finishing of two gears on a workpiece in a single setup. The integrated B-axis compensates the center offset between the honing rings. Ideally suited for e-drive step pinions even with tight timing tolerances.

Super Finishing for Excellent Surface Qualities

Combi Honing also allows the finishing of a gear in one setup with two different honing rings, tailored for roughing and finishing, which results in an excellent high quality surface finish.

Process Reliability with Integrated Roll Checking

The integrated double flank roll checker avoids bad parts from entering the honing process.

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