Holiday Message

Dec 14, 2020

On December 1st we received an urgent request delivered by tiny messenger for a new transmission design, including gear manufacture. The vehicle was of an ancient design and the drawings were primitive sketches and barely readable. If this wasn’t difficult enough, the messenger made clear that the success of their entire operation hinged on the delivery of the completed transmission before December 24th.

Most importantly, the project was to be kept top secret. All we knew was that the customer needed a lightweight, compact and, above all, ultra-quiet drive for a mission requiring great stealth and secrecy. We were quite intrigued and began work. Within just two days we had designed and simulated a super-silent e-drive, while ensuring that tool designs matched production requirements.

Immediately thereafter, we started production with quick delivery express tools from the Gleason Tooling Group and the great support of Gleason Special Gear Services. With all assets ready, we managed to complete production in just a week including shaping, Power Skiving, heat treat, threaded wheel grinding and Combi Honing of these special gears.

Naturally, each step was accompanied by inspection cycles for verification and quality control. Closed Loop manufacture helped to optimize the manufacturing process without time-consuming trials to hit home in record time. The result: quiet gears for a super-quiet, super-secret drive. Gears were shipped by express mail to the gearbox manufacturer located way north.

A week after we received another letter.

We are happy we could help! Thank you for your trust.

We wish all of you Happy Holidays and a st(h)ealthy and successful 2021.