E-Drive Days 2024

Feb 14, 2024


E-Drive Days - March 11-14, 2024

Join Gleason's special online event to learn about design, manufacturing and inspection of e-drive gears. This 4-day-event features one topic per day, addressing the specific requirements and challenges of e-drive transmission design, manufacture and inspection, with particular attention to minimizing gear noise. The E-Drive Days are an excellent opportunity for newcomers and experts alike.


High rpm’s, reversal of load direction, low vibration excitation, high contact ratios, deformed housings ... the design, optimization and service life calculation of gears for e-drives is a world of its own. Experience how individual requirements can be covered by the choice and variation of gear geometry, modifications and manufacturing deviations, and learn about the specifics of strength calculation in case of frequent changes in torque direction with torque-time series measured from test rigs. In addition, the calculation of noise excitation within the drive train is important for NVH analysis and optimization of the gearbox. KISSsoft results will be shared to the multi-body simulation program RecurDyn to facilitate a system response of the housing in form of an airborne sound as a base for further optimization.


E-drive transmissions are different from conventional transmissions, creating new challenges for manufacturing technologies and processes. The 2nd day of the E-Drive Days showcases processes for soft machining and hard finishing of typical e-drive transmission gears. Featured processes include hobbing, chamfer cutting, shaping, Power Skiving, threaded wheel grinding and gear honing. Specific technology updates will be presented for Hard Power Skiving of internal gears, Polish Grinding and Combi Honing.


On day 3, gear metrology experts explain latest hard- and software solutions for accurate measurement and analysis of gear noise. Gear noise can arise from various sources such as manufacturing inconsistencies, tooth surface irregularities, meshing conditions, and load distribution. Understanding these sources is crucial for effectively tackling and mitigating gear noise in different applications. Attendees will gain insights into the latest software tools that aid in gear noise analysis. In addition, the webinar will showcase advanced hardware for 100% gear inspection in the production flow, enabling precise and real-time measurements for accurate analysis and diagnosis of gear noise, as well as continuous quality monitoring and process surveillance.


Differential gears in e-drive transmissions face significantly higher stress compared to conventional, combustion engine applications. Day 4 of the E-Drive Days features the new Coniflex® Pro design and manufacturing system, ideally suited to accommodate such needs for stronger, quieter, and more reliable e-drive differentials in high volumes for automotive, truck, bus and off-highway transmissions. Coniflex Pro is part of Gleason’s GEMS® design software suite featuring state-of-the-art FEA analysis tools for a sophisticated strength analysis of gears. In combination with the Coniflex Plus carbide cutters, Coniflex Pro provides great productivity in a closed loop production environment.


To make it easy for participants to join, based on region and schedule, each day of the E-Drive Days features 3 sessions. Participants may choose the session that fits their schedule best. Each session is limited to 1 hour, including a Q&A part.


More information and registration at www.gleason.com/edd24.


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