AMB 2022

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Join us at Booth 5B71 at AMB in Stuttgart, Sep 13-17, 2022.
See the latest in design, manufacture and inspection of gears and meet the gear technology experts to discuss your specific applications. 

We look forward to welcoming you in person.

From Design to Manufacture

The KISSsoft® Release 2022 provides many new features for the design and simulation of gearbox elements and complete transmissions – try them out at the show!

Power Skiving and Hobbing on One Platform

Experience live the easy conversion of the 100PS Power Skiving Machine into a hobbing machine – for the best of both worlds in one machine.

Constant Quality and Reduced Tool Cost

Power Skiving with integrated cutter resharpening eliminates idle time for cutter change, provides constant quality results, reduces tool cost, and minimizes cutter inventory and logistics.

Highly Productive and Flexible Chamfer Cutting

Experience the new Genesis® 280CD Gear Chamfering Machine and the fully integrated version 280HCD in action, offering Chamfer Hobbing and Fly Cutter Chamfering for lowest cost-per-piece or maximum flexibility.

Fast, Agile Production of Truck-Size Gears

New Phoenix® 500C Bevel Gear Cutting Machine brings speed, flexibility and ease-of-use to medium and high volume production of precision bevel gears for trucks, buses, and other applications of similar size.

Gears with Mirror-Like Surfaces

Genesis® 260GX Threaded Wheel Grinding Machine features Twist-Controlled Gear Grinding, VRM Grinding, as well as Polish and Fine Grinding for an unmatched quality surface finish.

Gear Inspection at Submicron Level

Measure submicron surface finish with a skidless probe, analyze waviness in profile and lead, and analyze gear noise with sophisticated software tools, such as Advanced Waviness Analysis and KTEPS. 

Quantum Leap in Gear Noise Evaluation

KTEPS Kinematic Transmission Error Prediction Software offers a revolutionary method of showing tooth flank surface deviations in relation to their orders, for simple and fast gear noise evaluation.

100% In-Process Quality Inspection

Meet the new GRSL to inspect all gear teeth for profile, lead and index with functional characteristics including nick detection, total composite variation, total runout, tooth to tooth average, DOP, average circular tooth thickness and more.

More Precision, Faster Change

Meet the latest hydraulic and mechanical workholding developments for rotary parts and many different applications like turning, milling, hobbing, chamfering, Power Skiving, shaping, and inspection. 

To the Last Micrometer

Grinding and honing applications can be often optimized to raise quality and/or save cost. Find out how Gleason dressing tools will support higher productivity and constant quality results. Meet our experts to discuss your application in person.

Harder and Faster

Gleason’s new line of Carbide Power Skiving and Shaper Cutters provides excellent productivity and tool life. Available for all Power Skiving machines. 

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