Gleason Japan Seminar 2020 Online

Date Dec 2, 2020
Language English, Japanese
Level Basic
Process Design Software, Gear Process Theory
Provider Gleason
Price Tags Free of Charge

Double Differentials – Compact Ultra-High Speed eDrives with Excellent Efficiency

Today’s electric motors for EVs have speeds of 10,000 to 20,000 rpm, with future speeds trending up to 40,000 RPM. This trend requires transmission ratios which are more than 20 times higher than well-known transmissions for vehicles with combustion engines.
The double differential delivers highest ratios and handles the ultra-high input speeds, with an overall efficiency of more than 98%, from input to output. Learn about design configurations and their benefits including energy savings under sporty and stop- and go driving patterns.
This session will be presented live by Prof. Dr. Hermann Stadtfeld, VP of Research and Development Bevel Gear Technology, supported by live translations by Gleason Asia Personnel.

Cylindrical Gear Manufacturing Technology for EV Transmissions

Electrification is a major trend in global automotive manufacturing. eDrive concepts for hybrid and electric vehicles to meet CO2 reduction goals are constantly rethought and refined. To reflect the challenges of this highly dynamic environment, we will discuss the global electrification trends and latest developments and requirements for eDrive and hybrid transmission manufacture. This topic will be presented by Taichiro Ikegaki, Deputy General Manager of Sales at Gleason Asia, as the conclusion of Gleason’s Home/Gear Trainer webinars in Japan.


Japanese / English language 
JST Dec 2, 2020: 10:00 am - 03:00 pm (Tokyo)
EST Dec 1, 2020: 08:00 pm - 01:00 am (New York)



Registration closes 1 hour beforehand.