Coniflex Pro
Design and Manufacturing System for Differential Gear Design and Production

Gleason's Coniflex® Pro Design and Manufacturing System is ideally suited for producing stronger, quieter, and more reliable e-drive differential gears in high volumes, for automotive, truck, bus and off-highway transmissions.

The Differential Difference

Differential gears in e-drive applications must respond to significantly increased requirements: higher bending and surface stress capabilities, higher load density, NVH considerations and noise reduction, as well as dynamic loads.

Stronger Gears

With Coniflex Pro, surface stress is reduced up to 40%, root bending up to 30% compared to forged gears, resulting in higher load density and significantly extended gear life.

Adapted to NVH Requirements

For e-drive disconnect transmissions NVH behavior becomes even more critical. Differential load cases are more dynamic than the formerly rather static loads. Coniflex Pro provides for lower transmission errors and excellent NVH results compared to forged gears.

Proven Technology for Highest Quality and Productivity

Coniflex Pro relies on the proven Coniflex Plus carbide cutter system and Phoenix® bevel cutting and grinding machines for highest levels of quality and productivity.

GEMS System Technology

Coniflex Pro design capabilities are part of the GEMS® Design Software. The Coniflex Pro app provides extended design capabilities including higher order modifications for a Closed Loop differential production environment.

More Than Just Differential Gears

Coniflex Pro is applicable to all types of straight bevel gears. The related processes Coniface and Coniflex are applicable to face gears and clutches.

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