Dressing Discs and Rolls

Dressing discs, rolls and bars to dress grinding worms for involute and non-involute gears. Dressing solutions are available for Gleason as well as other brand gear grinding and honing machines.

Always the Right Solution

Gleason offers dressing tools for honing rings and grinding worms with accurate, highly defined and repeatable profiles.

Dressing Discs for Mass and Single Use Production

Line and point contact dressing, flexible dressing on dual or single flank, optimized plating process specific to the application maximizes performance. 

Dressing Gears and Rolls for Spheric and Conventional Honing

Diamond Dressing Gears for Spheric® and conventional dressing. The number of teeth can be identical or bigger than number of workpiece teeth.

Special Diamond Dressing Tools

Special designs are available.


Gleason delivers high quality dressing tools worldwide. Contact us to get your perfect solution.

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