360T - Fast, Flexible Tester for Bevel and Cylindrical Gears

State of the art CNC-controlled roll testing of just about any gearset type is now possible with the ground-breaking Gleason 360T Universal Gear Tester.


Workpiece diameter, max. 450 mm
Pinion speed, max. 3,000 rpm

Highly Versatile

The 360T adds angular capability and a host of other innovations to the popular features of the Turbo Tester®, becoming the only tester of its kind for spiral, hypoid and cylindrical gearsets of virtually any configuration and shaft angle.

Ergonomic Design

Compact ergonomic design, easy to operate and maintain.

Flexible Measurement Features

Contact pattern, single flank as well as structure borne noise measurement up to 3000 rpm.

User-Friendly Control

User-friendly Windows based software on a Fanuc 31i controller.

360T - Innovative and Powerful

Available in two configurations, space saving right angle and versatile angular version.

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