Phoenix 280G - Faster Production of High-Quality for Automotive and Small Truck Sized Bevel Gears

The Phoenix® 280G meets the need for improved bevel gear grinding performance with a highly productive new design that is simpler, more reliable and easier to operate and maintain.


Workpiece diameter, max. 280 mm
Range of tooth numbers 1-300
Wheel diameter, max. 9"

Built for Reliability

A work area that is exceptionally designed for swarf containment and evacuation while equipped with an integrated dressing unit with a unique telescoping design. This enables it to extend into the work area for dressing and then fully retract flush with guarding during the grinding cycle. Clean and simple work chamber structure to minimize swarf build up.

High Quality, Greater Accuracy and Repeatability

An Automatic Stock Divider, mounted in close proximity to the work spindle, helps ensure consistent high gear quality by automatically determining the tooth slot position of the semi-finished gear for accurate and reliable stock division. Stock dividing is done simultaneously with wheel dressing, to further reduce non-productive time. High quality, greater accuracy and repeatability due to rigid monolithic machine column design.

Powerful Controls, User-Friendly Operation

New operating software and network capabilities allow easy integration into any modern production environment. Gleason software makes setup and operation easy and intuitive.

Highly Versatile

Flexibility and versatility for different part geometries, such as spiral, hypoid, straight bevel, face clutches, face gears, hypoloids and super reduction hypoids.

Fast and Easy Changeover

Fast and repeatable work changeover due to tool less wheel, workholding and coolant pipe concepts.

First Part Checking

Operators like the integrated first part measuring cycle with its automated correction feature for easy and fast setup until the first part is ground to perfection.

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