Gleason Connect Services Products

We provide you with online support to analyze and address maintenance and service issues for your Gleason machines. You choose the level, from the regular remote support with the machine control to our live augmented reality support. Easy, fast and effective!

Gleason Connect Box

Gleason offers two solutions to digitalize your machine and enable it for remote maintenance and services. Connect Box 1 enables existing “analog” machines to communicate by digital means as a base to receive remote maintenance and services. Digital retrofit with Connect Box 2 is required for older machines with remote access in order for current TeamViewer versions to work properly on Windows NT/XP machines.

Gleason Connect+

Visuality with augmented reality support. Problems in the field can be evaluated 'live' by Gleason experts and resolved in real time with visual directions to the service technician. This service is available to all Gleason Connect customers and can easily be added. As smart device version under Connect+ with your existing smart devices or via smart glasses as Gleason Connect+ Platinum version.

Gleason Connect Cloud

Gleason Connect Cloud complements Gleason's digital service offering and bundles useful applications in one central location. Access machine history, technical documentation, wear and spare parts lists, manuals and service reports at any time. Take advantage of Gleason's Connect+ extended remote service package including live video streaming and augmented reality support.

For a quick and effective online service request of your Gleason machine, please provide your Gleason machine model and serial number since this will allow for fast and efficient processing of your request. You will find the machine serial number located at the main switch of your machine.

Please be aware that without detailed information, this request cannot readily be processed via this e-Ticket machine services portal.

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Gleason Machine


Note: You can also upload pictures or the control file lock as an attachment. If available, always enclose metrology diagrams, machine settings, photos, videos, etc. for clear understanding.

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