Hobbing up to 300 mm

P60 - Compact Solution for Gears, Shafts and Worms

P90 Series - Tailored Solutions for High Speed Hobbing, Long Shafts and Chamfer Rolling

100H Series - High Speed Hobbing with Integrated Chamfering/Deburring

P90WM - The Specialist for Worm Milling

P210L Series - Hobbing and Chamfering/Deburring of Larger Shafts

Genesis 130H/210H and 210HiC - Vertical Hobbing Machines with Optional Chamfer Rolling

Genesis 160HCD and 210HCD - Hobbing Machine with Integrated Chamfer Hobbing. Fast, Precise and Efficient

Genesis 280H and 280HCD - Allrounders for Gear Hobbing, with and without Chamfer Cutting

GP200/GP300 - Highly Flexible Vertical Hobbing Machines for Various Applications