What Gear Can We Make for You?

Your gear manufacturing services & production support for bevel and cylindrical gears directly from Gleason.

Application Engineering

We can help you design and evaluate all types of bevel and cylindrical gears, and greatly enhance their manufacturability and functionality, using powerful Gleason software such as GEMS (CAGETM, Unical, Finite Element Analysis and G-AGETM) and KISSsoft & KISSsys.

Application Development

Our application knowledge guarantees customized solutions to complex production tasks. This expertise combined with the longevity of our workforce constitutes the core competency in gear application development.

Gear Production

We have the right equipment and expertise to provide you with high quality bevel and cylindrical gears for any application, from spur and helical gears, to straight bevels, spiral bevels and hypoids, from the soft to the hard and whatever process including cutting, lapping, grinding, honing, shaving and testing.

Curvic Couplings

We have unique expertise and the right equipment to provide master and Curvic® Couplings – everything from the special design to their manufacture, including precision grinding, inspection and certification.

Pre-Production - Gear Honing

Our specialized gear services group works with customers to develop prototypes which are evaluated for performance and further manufacturing process improvements by cylindrical Gear Honing. We support pre-production and small lot production runs while customers prepare for larger lot production runs at their facility.

Heat Treat Services

Gleason possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in a variety of heat treating operations including carburizing, austenitizing, quenching, tempering and sub-zero thermal treatments for bevel gears, cylindrical gears, bearing rings and a variety of other components.

Metrology Services

We can inspect and certify all types of gears from cylindrical, bevel and hypoid, worms and worm gears, and special tooth forms such as Curvic Couplings and cutting tools.

Global Shipping Services

We provide all of our customers with complete logistics solutions from domestic trucking and international air and ocean shipping services.

Specialized Gear Services Locations

With two locations, the main location is in Rochester, NY, USA and the second location for specified fine finishing of cylindrical gears in in Munich, Germany.

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