Improve Your Bevel Gear Cutting Performance

Gleason cutting tool solutions exist to help reduce tool cost per workpiece while ensuring repeatable high quality standards. Gleason’s solutions are capable for almost all straight, Zerol®, spiral and hypoid gear production applications, face milling or hobbing, wet or dry cutting and at any desired production volume.

Pentac Plus Cutter System

For face hobbing and face milling at optimum speeds and feeds on the latest CNC machines. Pentac® Plus features a higher slot inclination angle for better chip flow and more efficient re-sharpening.

Pentac Plus RT - Radially Truable Cutter System

The ideal solution for today’s medium to high volume face hobbing and face milling applications. Pentac® Plus RT is the only stick blade cutter system to allow real axial and radial truing at the same time. Pentac Plus RT provides better chip load distribution on all blades, ensuring higher productivity or better tool life.

Pentac Ecoblade RT - Cutter System with Spacer Blocks

The latest Gleason developed Pentac Ecoblade RT Cutter System preserves the advantages of positive seated Pentac Blades, real axial and radial truability. A newly invented spacer block design provides the highest possible radial and tangential stiffness, combined with most economical blade sizes.

Pentac Aero Cutter System for Aircraft Bevel Gears and Prototypes

Improves aircraft bevel gear manufacturing efficiency and economy. It uses the stick blade cutter system for 5-cut application. Favorable number of blade groups for prototyping or small lot sizes.

Pentac Slimline Cutter System for 5-Axis Applications

A low profile peripheral cutter using stick blades; greatly reduces the large wall thicknesses typically required to accommodate individual clamp blocks and clamp screws for each stick blade. For producing straight bevel or face gears on Gleason Phoenix® machines or for Gleason-Heller 5-axis applications.

TRI-AC® Face Hobbing Cutter System for Completing Operations

A rectangular stick blade-type face hobbing cutter system used for completing operations.

RSR® Face Milling Cutter System

A rectangular stick blade-type face milling cutter system with a front rake angle used for roughing or completing operations.

Spiroform Cutter System

Utilizes Pentac®Plus features to precisely duplicate the flank geometry cut with the older Spiroflex cutter system requiring 3 blades per blade group.

Cyclocut Cutter System

Combines the advantages of the classic jobbing method (using interlocking 2-part cutters) with an exceptionally stiff cutter head design and Pentac®Plus design features.

Coniflex® Plus Cutter System for Straight Bevel Gears

The most productive solution for straight bevel gear cutting, ever.

Unimill Universal Milling Process

Gleason’s proprietary UnimillTM process enables users of Gleason Phoenix® Cutting Machines to manufacture single or small lots of bevel gears employing universal cutters for highly flexible, on-demand manufacturing and efficient prototype work.

Conventional Machining

Owning a Gleason machine is a long-term relationship. We support proven and reliable cutting systems for conventional processes, so users continue to benefit from their investment for many years to come. Processes include Coniflex®, Revacycle®, Hardac®, Solid Face and Crown Cut Face Milling Systems, RIDG-AC® Roughing and Helixform® Finishing Face Milling Systems.

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