1000T to 2500T - Fast, Flexible Roll Testing of Large Gears, all Types

Gleason 6-axis fully CNC Universal Gear Testers are in a class by themselves. They are the only products that can perform the full range of pattern checking and single flank testing on bevel gears with a wide range of shaft angles for diameters up to 2,500 mm, as well as parallel-axis and off-angle cylindrical gears, with diameters as large as 1,000 mm.


Workpiece diameter, max. 2,500 mm
Range of shaft angle 30 - 180°

Fully CNC-Controlled

6-axis fully CNC-controlled Universal Gear Tester.

Up to 2500 mm

Roll testing and single flank testing for bevel and cylindrical gears up to 2500 mm outside diameter.

User-Friendly Control

Siemens 840D or Fanuc 31i controller.


Ease of set-up and highest flexibility.

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