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Gleason’s Total Gear Solutions Vision becomes reality with the world’s first HFC Hard Finishing Cell with in-process gear inspection and Closed Loop corrections feedback.

Up to 100% Quality Inspection and Closed Loop Corrections

The HFC features a fully-automated, Closed Loop manufacturing system for gears with revolutionary in-process gear inspection, real-time analysis and automatic feedback of corrections to the hard finishing production machine. Additionally, the HFC can integrate a wealth of auxiliary options.

Hard Finishing by Threaded Wheel Grinding or Gear Honing

Finish gears by grinding or honing including process options like polish grinding and Combi Honing for optimum gear quality with minimum cycle times.

Threaded Wheel Gear Grinding Gear Honing

In-Process Gear Inspection with Optional Noise Analysis

The fully integrated GRSL Gear Rolling System with Laser Technology measures gears in process with the speed of light for real time inspection results including profile, lead, and pitch - with optional noise analysis capability.

More about the GRSL

Classic Double Flank Rolling

Laser inspection is complemented by traditional double flank rolling providing measurement characteristics such as runout, average DOP, average tooth thickness, nick detection and more.

Closed Loop - The Direct Way to Quality

The Gleason Closed Loop ensures the direct transmission of measured data from the metrology system to the production machine with the possibility of automatic parameter corrections to optimize gear quality.

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Automated Processing and Integrated Auxiliaries

The one-source HFC features completely automated processing with manifold auxiliary options including bin or cart loading, washing, marking and integrated drawers for NOK parts.

Automation Systems – See the Options

Single Platform, Exciting Possibilities

The versatile GRSL platform is available in three different configurations for use as stand-alone manual, semi-automatic, or as fully automated gauge where high volume throughput is the priority.

Gleason Provides More

In additional to the complete system, we provide further equipment, from tooling to digital services - all from a one source. 

Tooling Solutions
Gleason Fingerprint - Compares The Machine's Current Status for Predictive Maintenance
Machine-Tool Communication for a Simple and Error-Free Production Flow

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