AR Series - Adaptable and Flexible Robotic Material Handling 

The AR Series Robotic Material Handling provides flexibility of material introduction, cell foot print, and functionality. By varying the size of the robot, the AR is designed to handle a variety of part sizes.


Model Payload, max.  Weight of parts handled, max.
70AR 7 kg 4.9 kg
120AR 12 kg 8.4 kg
250AR 25 kg 18 kg
700AR 70 kg 49 kg
2700AR 270 kg 150 kg


Designed to Handle a Variety of Part Sizes up to 150 kg

The AR Series is built in a range of sizes to handle small part sizes up to 8.4 kg, medium part sizes up to 18 kg, large part sizes up to 49 kg and very large part sizes up to 150 kg.

Small, Quick, Multipart Pick End of Arm Tool

The end of arm tool can be designed to pick one or more than one part at a time to reduce handling times.

Quickly Exchanges Finished Parts with Raw Parts at the Machine Tool

End of arm tool designed to remove finished part with the free hand and then turn around and load the machine tool with the part waiting in the other hand with small, quick moves by the robot.

Integration of Pre- and Post-Processes

Easy integration of additional equipment for secondary operations such as part washing, deburring, inspection, and marking with the Gleason Automation Systems.

More Processing Options

Automatic Exchange of End of Arm Tools

AR Series can provide one-touch changeover by using an automatic end of arm tool changer, dropping off the current tool in a stand and picking up a new tool without operator intervention.

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