Dialogue Programming - Profile Grinding

Технология Станки для зубообработки
Уровень Продвинутый
Процесс Зубошлифование методом единичного деления
Номер курса C-PG40
Продолжительность занятий 3 days, 4 days with an interpreter
Число участников On Request
Место проведения тренингов Людвигсбург, Германия
Price Tags Price on Request

Dialogue Programming - Profile Grinding

An understanding of program correction and maintenance of existing programs as well as creating new part programs.


▪ Basic structure of the machine control.
▪ Machine safety features.
▪ Technological basics and process strategies of the machine.
▪ Basics of the technology software.
▪ Program structure of Gleason operating interface (data input).
▪ Optimization of cycle time.
▪ Programming (sample workpiece).
▪ Data management.
▪ Questions and answers.


Optional, Depends on the Machine Type and Training Location

Practical training on the machine or on the simulator. Possible with customer’s workpiece.
Production: cut (1) workpiece, compensations, cut of following workpieces, cycle influence.


Upon Completion

A certificate is issued with successful completion.



Please use the shopping cart to select the location, language and date. The selection in our shopping cart will not trigger an order, but starts a request for quotation with your preferred date (unconfirmed). The Gleason Academy team will contact you with further details and discuss options - at this time, we require the machine’s serial number. Please note that not all machine types and models can be made available at the requested location and in your specific language.

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