Clamping Solutions for Internal Machining

Internal machining of large components requires effective clamping on the outside diameter. Clamping systems for internal splines are available for various machining processes, such as milling/gashing, gear shaping, Power skiving, or profile grinding.

Modular System

Modular workholding with a clamping range of up to 850 mm in diameter can be quickly adapted to different workpiece families via workpiece-specific change parts. The specific design optimizes chip flow and facilitates error-free clamping. This system is also suitable for automated loading.

Uni-Spand and X-Pandisk

In addition to standard ID clamping, we offer ID clamping systems using Uni-Spand® and X-Pandisk® springs which are mainly used to center and clamp workpieces with larger bores while offering the same precision and accuracy as regular ID clamping systems. These workholding systems feature a very low profile, making them a particularly good clamping option for blind bores or bores that only provide a limited contact area.

Zero Point Clamping Systems for Large Gears

Pallet clamping systems ensure the clamping and centering of large workpieces with exceptional pull-down and holding force, and enable setup outside the machine during machining, even with automatic pallet loading.

Hold-Downs und Claws

For larger clamping diameters from 500 to 10,000 mm we offer flexible hold-downs and claws, covering a large clamping range with excellent stiffness. These are suitable for internal and external machining.

Always the Right Solution

We design and manufacture workholding systems to customers' unique production and quality requirements based on decades of experience in the field of gear manufacturing and clamping technology. Gleason workholding systems are ideal suited for both gears and non-gear applications across machines of many different manufacturers.



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