Automation Accessories

In addition to workholding equipment, Gleason offers related automation equipment, such as gripper systems, pallet inserts and fixtures for loading systems of all types.

Gripper Systems

Gleason gripper systems excel in applications requiring precise gripping and placement, available as external or internal grippers. A wide range of adaptation points allows flexible and easy mounting of gripper jaws to any gripper system. We are happy to manufacture grippers to your specifications and marking requirements.

Pallet Inserts

Pallet inserts are individually adapted to basic pallet units and to the contours of the component to be placed to guarantee safe positioning of workpieces. Depending on requirements, these can also be designed as quick-change units and marked according to specifications.


Automation often requires individual fixtures to support the process flow. We design and manufacture fixtures individually according to your needs - for ring loaders, loading gantries, robots or customized systems. Benefit from our decades of experience as mechanical engineers and automation specialists.

Always the Right Solution

Since all automation systems and related accessories are different, we work with you to define an effective accessory system that takes into account all project parameters. In addition, we also offer retrofitting of automation solutions.


To reorder or overhaul a tooling product or to submit a support request, please fill out the e-ticket form. Based on the data, we will immediately forward a request to the specialist departments and contact you with a non-binding offer. The Gleason material number can be found on the shipping carton, drawing and/or on the part itself.

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