Gleason workholding can be equipped with RFID and/or a data matrix code (DMC) catered to customer specifications. 


Workholding equipped with RFID technology contain a transponder in the clamping device and an external reader that deciphers the identifier and transmits information. The coupling is achieved by alternating magnectic fields that are generated by the reader at short range or high-frequency radio waves. This not only transmits crucial data, but also supplies the transponder with energy.

Data Matrix Code (DMC)

The data matrix code (DMC) is a two-dimensional barcode that can encode a large number of characters in a small area. Data matrix codes are based on ISO standard 16022 and are widely used in industry as an alternative to QR codes and a traditional barcode.

Аналогичная продукция

To reorder or overhaul a tooling product or to submit a support request, please fill out the e-ticket form. Based on the data, we will immediately forward a request to the specialist departments and contact you with a non-binding offer. The Gleason material number can be found on the shipping carton, drawing and/or on the part itself.

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