ARP Series - Pallet Loading and Unloading Automation

ARP Series complement Gleason Machine Tool Loaders by loading or unloading trays off standard size pallets.


Tray/basket size, max. 500 x 700 mm  
Weight of trays handled, max. 49 kg  
Payload, max.
Weight of part handled, max.
7 kg
4.9 kg
120ARP 12 kg 8.4 kg


Worry-free Process Flow

When pallets of trays are placed into a ARP system’s work bay, the trays are automatically unstacked and presented to the Machine Tool Loader system.

Integration of Pre- and Post-Processes

Easy integration of additional equipment for secondary operations such as part washing, deburring, inspection, and marking with the Gleason Automation Systems.

More Processing Options


ARP Pallet Loader Systems are available in stainless steel for medical and other applications which must be protected against contamination.


Gleason Automation Systems adapt to its specific host to become a fully integrated manufacturing system.

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