Quick and Error-Free Changeover

The Quik-Flex® Plus (QFP) System offers quick change functionality for hydraulic and mechanical workholding, available for any spindle. The changeover takes place in 30 seconds or less, is extremely easy to handle, and assures a high repeatability of 5 µm (0.0002") T.I.R.. Clamping and release works with one torque wrench only, further alignment is not required.

The Interface

The quick-change adapters form the interface between the machine spindle and the actual clamping device. The interface to the spindle side is customized to be compatible with all common spindle types. Quick-change adapters are available in three standard sizes: 155, 185, and 275 mm.

Easy Handling

The workholding is simply released or tightened on the QFP interface using the specific system wrench. The torque wrench ensures the exact force transfer during clamping and makes the handling very ergonomic.

OFP Horizontal

In addition to vertical variants, the QFP system is also available for horizontal spindles with hydraulic, mechanical or combined actuation. The integrated bayonet lock holds the clamping device securely in the desired position and avoids dropping during changeover.





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