OD Clamping

For shaft-shaped components that are clamped on the outside diameter (OD), we will put together a suitable clamping solution for you. Depending on the size of your workpiece, you can choose between collets for clamping on one or two seats, a single collet or an expansion chuck. These systems can be mechanical, hydraulic, or a combination of both.

Clamping Heads

For shafts with clamping diameters, expansion chucks are available in seven modular sizes and axial pull-down effect. For expansion chucks the common changeover device is available, additionally we provide different axial workpiece stops.

OD Quick-Change Clamping Systems

These workholding systems are also available with Gleason Quik-Flex® Plus, which offers the added benefit of being able to change over quickly while still maintaining a high level of accuracy.

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Vers Grip Arbors

The Vers Grip® clamping system enables simultaneous centering and clamping on two bearing seats. The latest generation of Vers Grip collets has been successfully used in bevel gear production for years, but is also excellently suited for clamping other shaft parts.

Always the Right Solution

We design and manufacture workholding systems to customers' unique production and quality requirements based on decades of experience in the field of gear manufacturing and clamping technology. Gleason workholding systems are ideal suited for both gears and non-gear applications across machines of many different manufacturers.






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