E-Drive Design with KISSsoft and RecurDyn on November 22, 2022



Transmission Noise


E-Drive Design with KISSsoft and RecurDyn on November 22, 2022

Electric vehicles could represent up to 70% of all cars by 2050. To ensure the acceptance of their vibrational and acoustical characteristics, profound NVH analysis is the key to minimize vehicle excitations caused by specific e-drive transmission designs.

During this live session KISSsoft AG (a Gleason Company) & FunctionBay GmbH will present a common and continuous solution to design, analyze and optimize the NVH behavior of a gearbox used in an e-drive system.

The workflow starts with a base transmission layout within the KISSsoft software environment. It is followed by a strength & stress analysis taking all relevant system deflections into account. Macro & micro geometry sizing are executed through a dedicated loaded tooth contact analysis (LTCA). The dynamic behavior of the complete system (modal analysis & forced response) will be calculated. Finally, the load files and all relevant geometrical information are transferred from KISSsoft to the MBD – software RecurDyn from FunctionBay.

Within RecurDyn the NVH simulation model is automatically generated based on the data supplied by KISSsoft. It includes flexible housings, pre calculated loads and all components representing the internal mass distribution of the system. The necessary simulations are also run automatically. An acoustic post – analysis can be performed by evaluating the calculated effective radiation power (ERP), the sound pressure levels (SPL) or by inspecting the related Campbell diagrams and more. If an optimization loop is required the described workflow can be shortened by adjusting the gear design in KISSsoft and just updating the new calculated load files in RecurDyn.

Meet KISSsoft and RecurDyn live on November 22, 2022 in two alternative sessions serving different time zones. Both web demos are offered in English language. You can register via the following links:

Session 1 from 09.00-10.30 AM (CET)

Session 2 from 09.00-10.30 AM (EST)


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn how to mute your e-drive designs. We are looking forward to your participation!


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