Training - Heat Treat and Quenching

日期 2019.11.04. - 2019.11.06.
The Gleason Works
1000 University Ave.
Rochester, NY 14607, USA
语言 英语
等级 基础
加工程序 锥齿轮淬火
供应商 格里森
Class Duration 4.5 days
Number of Participants 3-6
Price Tags $ 1,300

Heat Treat and Quenching

Introduction to the heat treatment and quenching of steel alloys. A demonstration of the industrial quenching operation at The Gleason Works heat treating facilities.

Topics Covered:

▪ Alloying elements and their use and influence on the properties of different alloy systems in various applications.
▪ Phase diagrams and the iron-carbon system.
▪ Transformation diagrams and the various phase transformations that can occur in steel alloys during heat treatment, including the austenite to martensite phase transformation.
▪ Annealing and normalizing.
▪ Austenitizing, quenching, and tempering methods (including cold treating).
▪ Carburizing.
▪ Quenching theory and practice.


Upon Completion:

A certificate is issued with successful completion.