Cylindrical Gear Manufacturing Seminar

技术 齿轮设备
等级 基础, 高级
加工程序 齿轮过程理论
课程代码 C-GGA50
Class Duration 3 days
Number of Participants 10-25 / Online 100
Training Location 在线培训, 罗切斯特,纽约,美国
Price Tags Price on Request

Cylindrical Gear Manufacturing Seminar

Fundamentals of gears, gear inspection, use and care of cutting tools, materials and coatings.



▪ Gear history.
▪ Gear types.
▪ Involute gear geometry.
▪ Gear tooth systems.
▪ General formulas.
▪ Mathematics.

High Speed Steels (HSS) and Coating

Gear Cutting

▪ Forming.
▪ Generating.
▪ Shaping.
▪ Hobbing.
▪ Tool tolerances vs. gear tolerances.
▪ Tool design, use and maintenance.

Gear Inspection

▪ Functional.
▪ Analytical.
▪ Automatic and semi-automatic.
▪ Chart interpretation – analytical and functional.
▪ Facility Tour (not Online).
▪ Individual instruction, specific problems.


Upon Completion

A certificate is issued with successful completion.



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