Application Training Class - Shaving Cutter Grinding

技术 齿轮设备
等级 专家
加工程序 剃齿刀磨削
课程代码 C-SC40
Class Duration 2 days
Number of Participants 3-8 / Online 50
Training Location 在线培训, 慕尼黑,德国
Price Tags Price on Request

Shaving Cutter Grinding

Understanding of shaving cutter grinding technology at expert level, conducted by gear experts of the engineering department at Gleason-Hurth in Munich.


  • Basics of shaving cutter technology
  • Terminology, cutter technology, cutter checking
  • Contact ratio between grinding wheel and shaving cutter
  • Determination of profile and lead correction
  • Visit of the production and testing area (Online = Virtual Live Stream)
  • Questions and answers


Available for the following Gleason Machines

▪ SRS 405
▪ SRS 410
▪ SCG410


Upon Completion

A certificate is issued with successful completion.



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This class is also available online. Online classes are conducted in sessions with max. 2.5 hours per session, per day, including breaks. Sessions can be chosen as required, either on consecutive days or based on a reoccurring weekly schedule. We use “Zoom“ as video conferencing and presentation platform.