Hydraulic Workholding

Hydraulic workholdings fixtures have excellent radial and axial run-out accuracy and provide high clamping forces. They are wear-resistant and protected from contamination, perfectly suited for soft, hard, wet or dry machining. Available for Gleason and Non Gleason machine, as well as Gear and Non Gear applications.


  • Uniform expansion over the entire clamping length.
  • Radial run-out accuracy of up to 2 µm.
  • Self-centering to the clamping diameter. 
  • Rigid construction, resistant to vibration.
  • Sealed systems with little maintenance.
  • Protected from contamination.
  • Multi-piece/multi-zone clamping.
  • Suitable for thin-walled workpieces, without distortion.

Always the Right Solution

The choice between hydraulic and mechanical clamping fixtures depends on the specific requirements of each application, and the decision should be based on factors such as workpiece design, machining task and automation level.


Basic Principle

The increase of the oil pressure inside the clamping system occurs by either manual, machine with a draw rod or a direct oil coupling actuation. As the clamping system is pressurized the clamp sleeve expands within its elastic range up to 0.3% of the diameter.



Special vacuum filling service stations for hydraulic clamping fixtures. To ensure that your hydraulic clamping device always works perfectly, we have set up them in key location. With the e-Ticket Tooling System you can easily and conveniently submit requests anywhere, anytime.

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