Template - 3000GMS - Gear Metrology System

3000GMS - Inspection Solutions for Large Gears

The 3000GMS® Gear Metrology System includes standard cylindrical software, master and installation.


Status Revised Machine
Power Supply
200 - 240 VAC single Phase 20 amp circuit
  220V / 50/60Hz
4 Months
Dayton, Ohio, USA


The image is for illustration purposes only. The actual machine may vary depending on features and functions.


This particular machine is equipped with:

  • Z-Axis – 1200 mm
  • Tailstock – 1300 mm between centers
  • GAMA Cylindrical Gear Software including:
    • ANSI B92.1
    • DIN 3960/62
    • AGMA 2000 - A88
  • Datum referencing software
  • Combo master with certification
  • Training and installation included
  • SP80 H High accuracy 3 dimensional scanning probe from Renishaw
  • Drive Dog Kit – Kit, 14 mm Post Drive Dog, 5.5-155 Range
  • 22 Piece Metric Wrench Set
  • Remote diagnostic software
  • Plus analysis
  • Dual helix software
  • Output for tip / root size
  • Fully automatic testing using only basic parameter input, providing charting of lead, involute, and index

Technical Data

Helix angle
0 to 90°
Module range 0.8 to 32 mm
Workpiece length, max. 1,300 mm
Workpiece diameter, max. 3,000 mm

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